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Medical Nutrition Therapy Simulations

Medical Nutrition Therapy Simulations is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Simulations

Through a combination of simulated medical records and online decision-tree modules, Medical Nutrition Therapy Simulations guides students through clinical experiences that allow them to practice their critical thinking skills. These simulations acclimate students to the routine and rigors of the average clinical rotation in which they’re expected to do all of the following: Conduct a complete nutrition assessment of a patient Collect, analyze, and interpret data Set priorities for nutrition care plans Document conclusions about complex problems The 10 simulation scenarios included in this text outline the details of cases relating to congestive heart failure, diabetes, liver disease, and other critical conditions. These simulations can be used in role-play activities with preceptors or with actors, as well as with high- or low-fidelity simulation robots. Each new copy of this text also includes access to 10 online decision-tree modules that are focused on the same topics as the in-text simulation scenarios. In these decision-tree modules, each decision the student makes impacts the outcome of the patient’s treatment, encouraging the student to improve their ability to make decisions effectively and reliably. A comprehensive resource unlike anything currently available, Medical Nutrition Therapy Simulations provides a perfect environment to practice and prepare for clinical rotations. Each new copy of Medical Nutrition Therapy Simulations is accompanied by an access code that unlocks 10 decision-tree modules that cover the following topics: Celiac disease Congestive heart failure Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Type 1 diabetes mellitus Type 2 diabetes mellitus Liver disease Lung cancer Pancreatitis Renal failure Wound care These modules mimic real-life clinical situations in which choices or outcomes of treatment are uncertain and are determined by the choices made by the practitioner. Each module features three decision points that determine the final outcome for the patient.

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