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Vitagenes in Avian Biology and Poultry Health

Vitagenes in Avian Biology and Poultry Health is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Vitagenes in Avian Biology and Poultry Health

Commercial poultry production is associated with various types of stress leading to decrease of productive and reproductive performance and compromised health of growing chickens, parent birds as well as commercial layers. Stress adaptation is associated with various signaling pathways and is executed at the gene level. The term vitagenes refers to a group of redox-sensitive genes that are involved in stress sensing and preserving cellular adaptive homeostasis. The vitagene family includes heat shock proteins, superoxide dismutase, glutathione and thioredoxin systems and sirtuins. The vitagenes are key players in redox signaling and redox homeostasis maintenance in birds, including poultry under commercial stress conditions of egg and meat production. Development of the vitagene concept become an important milestone in understanding molecular mechanisms of adaptation to stress.

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