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Equine Embryo Transfer

Equine Embryo Transfer is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Equine Embryo Transfer

This book briefly reviews the history of Equine Embryo Transfer, covering in clinically practical terms the techniques, equipment and management protocols currently in use.

Embryo transfer has become a big business, especially for breeding racing stock (horses and camels), and is therefore a very important aspect of equine practice. Ed Squires and Pat McCue have been involved with the development of embryo collection and transfer procedures since the early 60’s and have both contributed important techniques and innovations to the process through their research and clinical experience. This book captures the clinical experience, so far, and applies it directly to equine practice. The book is of great value to general Equine practitioners for reference, Equine reproduction specialists, Animal Science at the graduate level (Equine track) and breeders.

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