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Radiology of Australian Mammals

Radiology of Australian Mammals is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Radiology of Australian Mammals

This provides veterinary practitioners and zoologists with descriptions and images of normal radiographic anatomy, which will be valuable in the study of these animals and assist with the diagnosis of injury and disease. A discussion of the importance of radiographic technique, covering restraint and positioning of the animal to obtain diagnostic images, is followed by chapters showing the normal radiographic anatomy of short-beaked echidnas, platypus, macropods, koalas, wombats, dasyurids, possums and gliders, bandicoots and the bilby, and bats. Each chapter includes a detailed description of anatomy relevant to radiography and multiple images of normal radiographs with outlines and annotations highlighting structures and organs. Radiology of Australian Mammals also includes a chapter on dental radiology, as well as radiographic pathology case studies describing common diseases and injuries that can be readily diagnosed on radiographs, which will assist veterinary practitioners in making diagnoses in their patients.

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