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Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare, 3rd Edition

Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare, 3rd Edition is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Cattle Lameness and Hoofcare, 3rd Edition

Lameness is one of the main conditions affecting cattle and is considered a major welfare problem with significant impact on animal productivity. This well-established practical book explores the issue and provides a fundamental guide to prevention and hoof care. In particular, it covers the incidence and costs of lameness, the structure of foot, with its function and possible inflammation, hoof trimming, and the treatment of common diseases.

Authored by one of the field’s research leaders, the 3rd edition includes updates on hoof trimming protocols, new insights on the structure and function of the digital cushion, and an examination of diseases such as digital dermatitis and sole ulcer.

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