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Principles of Ionic Organic Reactions

Principles of Ionic Organic Reactions is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Principles of Ionic Organic Reactions

Principles of IONIC ORGANIC REACTIONS, It is becoming increasingly apparent that it is possible to break down a very large number of organic reactions into different sequences of a few basic transformations, the nature of which does not change regardless of the process being carried out. Such a sequence is commonly called a reaction mechanism. It is always exasperating to find unfamiliar terms used to describe phenomena which may be well known in other situations. Finally, to the despair of organic chemists, the physical rather than the chemical aspects of organic theory have been stressed. Occasionally rather unimportant organic reactions have been studied and discussed in great detail because they could be treated experimentally in a precise quantitative fashion, while other more important reactions, for which there is only qualitative information, have been omitted from discussion. Obviously such information does not belong in books dealing with the physical nature of organic chemistry, but it is of considerable importance to us for whom these reactions are the tools of our profession. Accordingly, in writing this book for advanced undergraduates and first-year graduate students, the objective has been two fold.

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